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Best Tents for Camping Out with Friends in 2016
January 7, 2016
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Top Coleman Tents Review for 2016 – Roomy and Easy to Set Up Camping Tents
January 14, 2016

Camping Tents For Families in 2016

Best Family Tent

Camping is a fun outdoor experience when your tent can comfortably shelter the whole family. The best family tents are roomy and spacious, easy to set up and pack, and fold into a compact size for easy transport with other camping gear and supplies.

The best tent to consider keep the occupants dry and comfortably zipped up and protected against bad weather and insects on campsites. If you are looking for a new family tent, any of the tents presented in this review will be a good addition to your camping gear.

The Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent can shelter 10 people, and has enough headroom to allow the occupants to stand fully. The tent can be used as a single big room for the day, with the option to install a divider in the middle at night to create two rooms for privacy.

The lightweight fiberglass frame and the pin-and-ring system on the poles make the setup easy to manage. The two D-style doors with the patented hooped fly frame that functions as additional protection against rain allow easy entry and exit.


  • Spacious tent with a floor space of 18 x 10 feet and center height of more than 6 feet
  • Lightweight and durable shock-corded fiberglass frame
  • Well ventilated with roof and window mesh vents
  • Mesh pockets on the sides for organized storage of personal items
  • Easy to set up
  • Double-door design
  • Fully welded polyethylene floor
  • Folded tent measures 18 x 6.3 x 10 feet that easily fits into a Stow 'n' Go duffel system for easy transport and storage


  • Opening the zipped window and roof vents at night causes moisture to seep in
  • No vestibule for storing camping gear
  • Some buyers have reported that they did not receive a storage bag to put the tent in

The Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent is affordable yet well made, providing a waterproof and comfortable shelter for family members and friends. The tent components are well designed and durable, such as the lightweight fiberglass frame, nylon fabric, a fully welded polyethylene floor, and the polyester mesh windows.

It is conveniently equipped with double doors, allowing the tent occupants easy entry and exit without crowding. It has mud mats that help in keeping the tent clean, and the mesh pockets on the sides of the tent are convenient for storing personal items and important camping supplies.

The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent is a spacious family camping tent with a headroom that measures 6 feet in the center with minimal slant to the ends, and a footprint of 170 square feet. Campers have the option to setup the tent as one big room, or to install dividers to create three rooms for added privacy.

The removable room dividers are easily attached with loops, and are sufficiently opaque to create a feeling of privacy from other tent occupants. The tent is well ventilated by the Cool-Air ports and the Variflo adjustable venting system, allowing campers to feel relaxed even when there is minimal space for moving around.


  • Spacious tent at 170 square feet
  • Room dividers to create three rooms for privacy
  • Ample 6-foot headroom
  • WeatherTec system that keeps the tent dry and comfortable even in wet weather
  • Easy to set up and take down, and packs easily in separate storage bags
  • Cool-Air ports and Variflo adjustable venting system
  • Lightweight, easily portable tent


  • Long center pole is difficult to handle without assistance

The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent is easy to set up because of the clear assembly instructions, separate bags for storing the tent, stakes, and color-coded poles. The poles are color-coded with grey and red stickers that guide campers into the correct installation.

A good-sized canopy is included to provide shade against the heat of the day and added protection against rain. The all-around tapered seams prevent moisture from seeping inside the tent.​

The Wenzel Klondike Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent is made from polyurethane coated weather-repellent Weather Armor polyester. It provides a roomy and dry shelter for campers even when the weather turns wet, and remains standing even in gusty winds because its fiberglass frame has power corners that contribute to its stability.

All tent components such as zippers, webbings, and threads are water repellant to prevent moisture from seeping into the tent, keeping campers dry and comfortable.


  • Spacious tent measuring 16 x 11 feet, with a height of 6.5 feet at the center
  • Stable construction due to its fiberglass frame with Power Corners
  • Water-resistant polyurethane-coated polyester fabric, zippers, and webbings
  • Rugged construction with durable materials
  • Screened area that functions as a sun room or second sleeping room
  • Full mesh roof option


  • Long setup time requiring two persons
  • Mesh roof keeps the interior of the tent cold

The Wenzel Klondike Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent has a screened area that functions as a sunroom in good weather, and can be used as a second sleeping room. The full mesh ceiling option is good for seeing the sky when camping under fair weather conditions.

Setup takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and requires two people. The tent has hanging pockets for storing personal items and supplies, large windows for ventilation, and shock cords for added stability.

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Choosing the best family tent for your camping trip is made easier by the many choices that are available. All you have to do is pick up the tent with the correct size for the group, and check the important features that count most, which are the price, waterproofing, and a good design that is easy to set up and take down.

The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent is the top choice among the best tents for your family presented in this review because of its ease of use, affordability, durability, and excellent waterproofing. This well-made tent contributes to the enjoyment of the camping trip because it provides a dry, cozy and comfortable shelter, even when the weather turns nasty. Because it is roomy and well ventilated, campers can comfortably stay indoors while waiting for the weather to improve.

The Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent for ten persons is a well-made and affordable family tent, with convenient features that make camping with family members or a group of friends a cozy, comfortable outdoor experience. The tent’s interior has good ventilation, convenient side mesh pockets for storage, and a rainfly provides additional protection when the weather turns nasty. It is spacious, easy to set up, and simple to take down and store in the provided Stow-n-Go duffel carrier.

Finally, the Wenzel Klondike Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent is rated third among the best family tents because of its higher cost and more challenging setup. It is a roomy, stable tent that holds well under nasty weather, while the full mesh roof option is a unique feature that is nice when the weather is warm and you get the chance to look up to the skies as you sleep.

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