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June 19, 2016
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An Overview of 2016 Top 8-Person Tents

If you’re heading to the campground or out into the forest for a car camping trip you might want to bring along some friends or family. Tents have come a long way in recent years and these days you can fit an 8-person tent easily into the back of an SUV with the family’s weekend equipment.

With the seasons changing, camping is always on the horizon. We’re going to take a look at several of the best 8-person tents available today and how you can determine which one is the best match for your needs. Go ahead, invite all your friends, there will be plenty of room!

Top Rated 8-Person Tents

Let’s get down to it and find the best overall 8-person tents to be had:

This large square shaped tent is a neutral brown on brown for a rugged look.Steel and fiberglass combination poles help support the 150 sq ft interior of this tent. Steel stakes and a central “hub” design form the framework of this tent’s skeleton.

Six mesh windows and a mesh ceiling provide more than adequate ventilation for hot nights. Included rainfly is waterproof and UV resistant for long life. Optional interior dividers help section off space if privacy is a necessity. Remove them for more space!Straight sidewalls improve overall space in this tent and leave the most possible room for cots or mattresses without brushing against the sometimes dewy tent walls.


  • Vertical sidewalls maximize space
  • Mesh roof allows great views and ventilation on this large tent


  • Huge square tent may be vulnerable to high winds
  • Price may be a bit high compared to other tents reviewed

Canvas tents seem to be a creature of a distant past these days. However, Kodiak seems to have nailed it with this top rated spacious canvas tent.

Two large entry doors provide access to this well executed tent that looks right at home in the most rugged climates. 4 mesh windows provide venting and views without the bugs. These are reinforced by two extra vents to improve air flow and keep temperatures inside the tent manageable.

Thick duck canvas is treated for waterproof reliability before leaving the factory. I think you’ll dig on the awning roof over the entry way. It adds plenty of room to cook or set gear safely protected.


  • Rugged and durable canvas will last for ages
  • Awning over doorway provides exterior comfort from sun and rain


  • Tent weighs nearly 80 pounds!
  • Large poles, braces, and supports needed to maintain structure

8-Person Tents Under $150

If you’re looking to post up a pile of people on the cheap these are your picks:

Coleman has been making tents and camping products for years so we expect quality. They’ve managed to make this huge 8-person tent well under $150 so let’s check it out.

Hinged front entry door swings open just like your front door at home. An interesting but seemingly unnecessary feature.Angled windows are touted to keep weather out even when open so you can enjoy the cool crisp air brought in by a rain storm. Watch out for heavy winds, though, as I am suspicious rain will still get in!

Large awning over entry door helps keep falling rain off. The only issue, however, is that it’s not really big enough to do or set up anything under so don’t expect to grill a BBQ under the awning. Stash your gear here to make more room inside the tent, though!


  • Well-designed guy lines and tie outs for wind
  • Enough space for two inflatable queen mattresses
  • Thousands of great reviews


  • Unnecessary hinged door adds weight and bulk to an already large tent
  • Awning is quite large but still too small to set up or do much under in case of weather

Another budget minded Coleman tent this time with more traditional features.

Forgoing the hinged door in favor of the traditional pure-zip door improves simplicity and reliability. Traditional shock corded fiberglass poles provide structure to this large 8-person tent.

Mesh ceiling is great for ventilation, star viewing, and temperature management. Large bathtub floor is more than sufficient to keep out running water unless you’ve set up your tent in a puddle.

One nice feature is included room dividers to separate the tent into three internal spaces for privacy if you’re sharing the tent with others. Nice work, Coleman!


  • Traditional setup and design is reliable and familiar to most campers
  • Internal room dividers help partition the space when sharing with others


  • Fiberglass pole system may be a bit weak for the sheer size of this tent
  • Tent lacks many features common to this large category such as separate entry room

The Best 8-Person Tent

Which tent doesn’t mess around and gets the best overall rating?

From a reputable company with literally thousands of great reviews comes the Instant 8-Person tent.

Coleman developed the instant pitch system to be pain free, foolproof, and quick. An overall square design is uncomplicated and easy to setup. Deep bathtub floor keeps water out even in the worst weather to keep you sleeping comfy.

This tent features 2 doors and 7 windows overall for uncompromising views. Watch out, though, because the rain fly is sold separate so make sure to pick up the rainfly as well or you’ll be soggy and mad.

Single internal divider can be set up to cut the space into two partitioned halves for privacy and comfort.


  • Instant setup design is easy, simple, and intuitive
  • Huge windows and high ceiling make the tent feel roomy


  • Weighing over 36 pounds without the rainfly this tent may be cumbersome
  • Rainfly not included is a silly and unnecessary oversight on Coleman’s part

Best Selling 8-Person Tent

Which tent in this category sells more than any other?

Again we get the relatively simplified Coleman Red Canyon tent. For the reasonable price, roomy interior, and reliable design it can’t be beat.

I recommend the tent for the very same reasons: it’s well designed and forgoes unnecessary extras to give us just reliability and function.

If you’re looking for budget, performance, and execution then this is the tent for you!

Largest 8-Person Tent

If you need the most possible space for your crew this is the tent for you:

With a massive entry sunroom and huge interior space, this tent may have its own gravity.

Porch and main sleeping area are separated by a wall for privacy or division if needed. Overall the tent measures 16’ x 11’ and will easily sleep 8. One thing I love is that the porch can be zipped up to hold out the wind and rain so even on nasty evenings there’s still extra room!

Weighing in at just over 27 pounds this tent is manageable for its size. Reinforced corners for tight guy lines and proper tension come standard.

Leave the rainfly off if the weather is clear and enjoy the outdoors with a fully mesh roof across the entire tent! This is a pretty neat feature and even helps improve ventilation.


  • Mesh roof option is great for night time views
  • Extra porch space is ideal for storage, or sleeping


  • Massive size may make the tent unstable in winds
  • Single door means walking over people in the porch room in the middle of the night


If you’re car camping, heading to the campground, or staying near the trailhead one of these massive 8-person tents may be for you. Keep in mind these tents are far too bulky and heavy for backpacking or hiking and are not meant for that.

If you’re looking for a reliable economy priced tent that will fit the family and the kitchen sink, I highly recommend the Coleman Red Canyon 8-Person tent.

For the best views and quickest setup, it’s hard to steer wrong with the Coleman Instant 8-Person tent. Optional divider, ample screened windows, and easy setup make it a top pick.

Be sure to assess your needs before purchasing a tent. Any tent on this list will get the job done but each tent has a unique character that makes it perform best in certain uses.

Enjoy the outdoors and keep yourself safe out there!

Mark Jonson
Mark Jonson
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