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September 26, 2016
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An Overview of 2016 Top 6-Person Tents

Camping season is a great time to share with family, friends, or solitude as you enjoy the relaxation and focus only the great outdoors can provide. Getting started choosing camping gear can be a daunting task for those who have never spent time practicing outdoor living skills.

Walk in to any outdoor store or outfitter and you’ll be instantly overwhelmed with choices – size, color, material, options, durability.

What to choose, which tent is best for family camping? Let’s take a look at some of the best 6 person tents on the market to help you narrow down your search for great camping gear!

Top Rated 6-Person Tents

Let’s take a look at the best overall tents in the 6-person category:

With a green and dark navy color, the Coleman Sundome tent features classic symmetrical design with included rainfly. No fancy additional features here – just a single interior tent.

Simple means better in this case as it’s one of the lighter and smaller tents we have considered here.

With a 6-foot-tall center height, the tent is tall enough to stand in the middle for an adult and the 1000 denier nylon bathtub floor is durable and waterproof for those rainy nights.


  • Included rainfly
  • Electric access port for campgrounds
  • Small and lightweight


  • May be a tight squeeze for 6 adults
  • Lacks more lavish features

Seemingly based on a very similar platform to the Coleman Instant Cabin, this CORE tent touts “H2O Block” technology.

With water repellent fabric and seam taped seams, it should keep you dry and happy for a long while.

One notable feature is a “loft” where things can be stashed overhead for quick access and organization. You may find this a useful place for headlamps and night time gear out of the way but organized.


  • Mesh gear loft
  • Fully featured ventilation to carry out condensation


  • Relatively short bathtub floor could cause potential leaks

Simple but effective, this 6-person tent features a 10’x10’ footprint and windows on all sides. Comes standard with a rainfly and ring/pin assembly. This is the classic tent style setup many of us grew up with.

A generous true 7-foot-tall center height will be comfortable standing room for almost anyone and leave room to spare! Steel and fiberglass frame construction will prove quite durable and dependable over the long haul.

Despite great ratings and reviews, the classic pitching style may not be worth the higher price. Improved modern pitching tents are faster and easier and can often be had at a lower price. Unless you prefer the classic pitch, we think you might be happier with a more modern design.


  • Windows on all sides
  • Classic design, construction, and pitching


  • Classic design forgoes the use of more modern speedy setup methods
  • High price for classic design and pitch

6 Person Tents Under $150

Which tents pack the most space with the lowest price tag? Let’s find out:

When you’ve got a bunch of people stuffed into a tent and everyone has been wet all day in the rain… it’s pretty nice to have some room to air out. That’s where the Steelcreek excels.

Featuring a screened in “porch” this tent has room for gear to dry out or you can set up a camp chair on those buggy evenings to stay protected. Unfortunately, this also provides one of the major oversights – the rain fly only partially covers the screened porch.

This means that in extreme weather, rain may blow in.


  • Fast pitch system features pre-attached poles for quick pitching
  • Guy lines are woven with reflective cord to avoid tripping hazard


  • The screened in porch takes up a lot of real estate on this already large tent
  • Rainfly coverage is minimal on “porch”

We talked about the Sundome earlier and it’s going to make an appearance here for being one of the most budget-minded tents on my lineup.

Weighing in well under the $150 mark this tent is well worth the budget price.

With a classic style and classic pitch, this tent is going to feel comfortable and familiar. Rainfly is deep and wide, providing a small beak for entry and exit over the door.

This tent has one of the smallest footprints of all the tents we’ve listed here. Ideal for smaller or minimalist camping areas where sprawling is not an option.


  • $100 price tag makes this tent well within the category
  • Simple design is all sleeping space


  • Very simplistic design minimizes additional features
  • No “porch” or gear vestibule for rainy days

The Best 6 Person Tent

Overall best in class ratings and reviews go to:

It doesn’t get much better than nearly 5-star ratings over thousands of users and reviews. That’s what you’ll get with the Coleman Instant Cabin Tent.

Poles are all pre-assembled and ready for fast pitching and setup. Simple snap fasteners tension the tent to the quick setup poles.

Door is very generous, tall, and wide enough to enter and exit comfortably. Bathtub floor is tall enough to keep out even the hardest rain runoff.

Make no mistake – this beast of a tent won’t fit in your ultralight backpack but it is a killer deal for family camping at the campground or resort.

Single internal divider can be set up to cut the space into two partitioned halves for privacy and comfort.


  • Extremely simple setup with pre-assembled poles
  • Fast pitching and takedown thanks to modern design
  • Great reliability
  • Reflective guy lines help avoid tripping over ropes in the night


  • Rainfly sold separately (don’t forget it!)
  • Bulky

Best Selling 6 Person Tent

This tent sells better than any other 6-person tent on my list:

This category belongs to the Coleman Instant Cabin again and for seemingly good reason. Here’s why:

  • Simple setup and rugged poles are quick and painless to assemble even for the new outdoorsman (or woman).
  • Taped seams ensure waterproof capability.
  • Welded and inverted seams on the bathtub floor minimizes any chance for rain runoff to get in.

One other great feature is a relatively flat roof measuring more than 6 feet tall making the tent spacious with enough room to stand for most adults.

I am pretty certain that you’ll fall in love with the spacious design and ingenious fast pitch features.

Largest 6 Person Tent

Looking for the space of an RV at a tent price? Here it is:

This tent is an absolute behemoth. With enough room to sleep 6 an entire extra mesh “porch” or gear vestibule, you’ll have a mansion.

With a footprint measuring 17 feet long on one side and 9 feet long on the other, this tent is closer to a pop-up RV.

Make sure to pitch with the short side into the wind or you’ll be blown away exposing 17 feet of tent wall to a hard wind.

Tall bathtub floors all around and good rain fly coverage means the screened in porch won’t get wet until the monsoons hit. There’s also the little detail of a hinged door which operates quite similarly to your front door on your house… unnecessary but notable.

Steel poles and thick 1000 denier bathtub floor mean this tent might weigh a little heavy on the scale but durability will come with those extra pounds. Did I mention that the tent stands nearly 7 feet tall?


  • Rugged 19mm steel poles
  • Super tall interior for tons of standing room
  • Massive interior space


  • Durable features come at a heavy price – the tent will weigh over 30 lbs!
  • Huge profile may cause issue in heavy winds


Taking the cake for simplicity and effectiveness at a very affordable price, the Sundome is perhaps the most reasonably sized and priced tent on our list. It’s full featured but forgoes all the additional bells and whistles of many other tents on the list in favor of light weight, light price, and classic aesthetic.

Without a doubt the most over-the-top tent I’ve shared is the Coleman WeatherMaster. I'm a little worried about the sheer size in heavy winds. However, if you’re just car camping and won’t need to carry the heavy bugger around, the massive house-sized tent might be a good choice.

Possibly the best overall price, performance, and rated tent is the Coleman Instant Cabin. Just don’t forget to order the rain fly when you purchase this tent or you’ll wake up soaked and unhappy during that night time rain storm. The kids won’t appreciate your oversight.

Remember that choosing a tent needs to be based on your own personal budget, needs, and preferences. As we’ve seen there are tents of all shapes and sizes available to fit a 6-person crew. Simpler is often better as it means less weight, and less things to go wrong.

Tent repair is a bit of art mixed with science and we think it’s best avoided where possible.

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