An Overview of 2016 Top 6-Person Tents
September 26, 2016

An Overview of 2016 Top 10-Person Tents

If you’re planning a large weekend trip with the family, friends, or even more, then you may need a large tent. Some of the largest tents available today are in the 10-person class and can often be just a touch shy of a fabric mansion.

You won’t find running water in them but you may find lights, electrical hook ups, or divided rooms. These are great choices for parties or events where you’re taking along a lot of gear and other people. The downside? Sheer size can cause bulk and excess weight.

Let’s check out some of the best 10-person tents for camping!

Top Rated 10-Person Tent

With three arched poles for support and a hinged door, this tent is a beast. Bonus? The poles are color coded for ease of setup. Similar to the WeatherMaster tents for 6 and 8-person use, this tent is up-scaled.

With enough room for up to 3 queen size airbeds, this tent isn’t joking around. Deep bathtub floor is designed to keep rain out in all conditions. While I have mixed feelings about the hinged door, on a tent of this size the extra weight and bulk hardly matters.

Waterproof coating on the polyester tent fabric will keep you dry in adverse weather. Welded floor seams are designed to keep water out from underneath even in bad storms!

With nearly 7 feet of standing room, the tent is comfortable, large, and ready for weather!


  • Tall standing room and large tent size
  • 1-year warranty on this tent


  • Over 30 pounds
  • Some report leaky waterproofing

10-Person Tents under $160

This 10-person tent is designed with a fully mesh roof for great ventilation and viewing in nice weather. Divided interior space with two doors makes privacy possible!

Tapering walls on the outer corners will make a tight squeeze for extra people. If you’re sleeping in the sloped corners, make sure to avoid touching the walls. This could cause water to wick through and get your sleeping bag soaked!

Included rainfly is designed with an arched entry way awning to keep your tent dry as you enter and exit. There’s definitely not enough room under the awning to do anything – just keep water out of the tent.

Classic fiberglass and pin-ring pitching system is familiar to most campers and should be a breeze to set up. Integrated “stow-n-go” duffel system makes for easy transport, take down, and storage.


  • Included divider for privacy
  • Easy setup and take down with stow-n-go system


  • Aggressively sloping tent walls limit room near edges
  • Heavy winds may stress fiberglass poles

The Best 10-Person Tent

While this tent may only fit 10 people if a handful of them are kids, I like its flawless reputation. With loads of top-rated reviews, this 10-person tent is sure to impress.

Polyurethane coated rainfly makes for weatherproof reliability. Rainfly covers a huge amount of the tent and has retractable window covers so you can have great views without removing the rain fly.

Polyethylene bathtub floor is designed to keep you dry and separate from ground water in case of heavy rain runoff.

Frame is made of flexible fiberglass poles with a traditional pin and ring pitching system. Again this will be familiar to most campers and easy to set up.

Overall the setup manages to come in just shy of 30 pounds which is impressive for the size and bulk of this 10-person tent. Nearly 7 feet tall at the center, this tent has room enough to stretch out!


  • Overall lightweight for the size
  • Extremely well covered rain fly


  • Won’t fit 10 adults
  • No interior dividers

Best Selling 10-Person Tent

It’s hard to narrow down a real winner for best selling but the Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-room tent is our pick!

With a very reasonable price tag and enough space for three queen mattresses, we’re pretty sure it’ll meet your needs.

With three doors and two dividers, this tent can be sectioned off into three rooms to maximize privacy. This is an awesome feature when camping with couples or giving the kids their space. One room can even be used for storing gear if you have less people.

Rainfly has minimal coverage and does not extend over the side doors which concerns me. Weatherproof features are critical to a good tent and I would have liked to see them put a little more effort into covering the end doors of this tent appropriately.


  • Six windows and three doors provide great viewing
  • Three room dividers make for maximum privacy options


  • Rainfly coverage could have been improved
  • Relatively heavy for the features and size

Largest 10-Person Tent

If you need the most possible space for your crew this is the tent for you:

While all of our 10-person tents are massive, the Wenzel packs some serious room. Over 180 square feet of floor space make this tent the size of a small studio apartment.

Four windows and three roof vents make this tent quite comfortable when the temps start to creep up. Ventilation is important to avoid condensation and improve temperature management.

Hanging dividers create partitions for privacy for sharing the tent with multiple people. Create up to three separate rooms with ease! Gear loft, handing pockets, and storage duffel are great accessories to round out the utility value of this tent.

Light reflection technology integrated into this tent helps to magnify the results of interior lighting. A flashlight or headlamp placed in the gear loft of this tent can illuminate the entire interior. This is such a cool idea!


  • Ample vents and windows for climate control
  • Simple design is time tested and proven


  • Rainfly provides minimal door coverage
  • Rainfly does not cover side windows


If you’re not planning on traveling far from the car, these large 10-person tents are perfect camping tents for the family! You can easily accomodate many people or lots of gear for long stays in the wilderness or the local campground.

It’s important to choose a tent based on your exact needs so consider how likely you are to fill your tent to the brim and choose a shelter which matches your needs. Even with only a few people, the extra space can be nice for gear, or sprawling room.

You won’t steer wrong with the proven Coleman brand name but many tents on our list are high contenders. Don’t be afraid to do some research and make sure the tent you’re choosing meets your specific criteria.

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