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When Camping, Show Respect For Others

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Whether you have been camping for years or have just gotten into it, respecting others and having manners is critical.

More and more people are getting into camping and other outdoor activities. It’s up to everyone to chip in and do the right thing. Never leave your campsite trashed for someone else to clean up. You wouldn’t enjoy cleaning up someone else’s mess, so don’t do it to others.

Clean Up Your Mess, So Someone Else Will Not Stress

After you have packed up your camping supplies and tents, look around and make sure you haven’t left garbage or other unwanted items behind. Grab a spare trash bag and look around for things you do not want anymore, including any plastic or paper items used for eating. Pick up stuff and toss them in the nearest garbage can or dumpster. Bring the campsite back to the condition you found it in, or better.

Remember: “Cleanliness is close to Godliness” and you’d be amazed how quickly you can turn that site into a clean, neat place for someone else; while feeling a little Godly!

Leave Some Wood Behind For The Next Guy

In many cases, campers arrive at sites as the sun is setting. The first thing they want to do is start a fire. Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to find wood in the dark. Once you are ready to hitch up the camper, grab a few cords of wood for the next occupant. It’s not a big job or chore, but it is a nice gesture and will be appreciated.

Reach Out To Your Neighbors

Campsites are pretty close together, and it’s always a good idea to get to know your neighbors. If you are already settled in, and new folks are pulling into the site next to you, offer to help them back into the site. It’s a nice gesture and will be greatly appreciated. Some campers are large and quite difficult to navigate into sites that are difficult to get into or are just small. Possibly you have kids, and the family next to you have kids too. It’ll be perfect for the kids to get to know each other and as parents, share mutual stories about camping experiences with the kids, various sports your kids are involved in or those golden moments when parents get to have a night out without the kids.

Get To Know Your Neighbors

Getting to know your camp neighbors could lead to a great new friendship that can last for many years! Maybe you are from the same area, or maybe you like fishing and so do they. Send the kids off to play then take off on a fishing trip. Fishing is a great place to communicate, let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot to do but wait for the fish, so why not get to know each other!

Set Up a Timer

At some point, everyone has experienced the next door campers who leave their awning lights on all night. It’s annoying if you are trying to sleep but those lights are glaring right through your tent. In many cases, this has simply been an oversight and not trying to annoy you. Pick up a timer so your awning lights will go off at a particular time. Everyone is forgetful from time to time, and this will simply ensure lights will not bother someone else in the late hours.

Leave The Place Better Than You Found It

When I was a child, my father loved camping but also taught me the common courtesy and proper cleanup. I was responsible for cleaning up after ourselves as well as chipping in to clean up other trash as well. It’s a wonderful way to understand the value of respecting others; it’s also a nice way for kids to say: Thank you – we had a great time!

Camping is a wonderful experience for both adults and children. It’s becoming even more popular as time moves on offering affordable options. Showing respect for others (both those you meet and those you will never meet) has a way of being passed on. Enjoy your camping trip and show you are thankful for the memories.

When Camping, Show Respect For Others
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