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Ultimate List of Camping Websites and Apps
April 11, 2016
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April 20, 2016

New Tent Designs and Features in the Camping Industry for 2016

the famous Tentsile Flite Tree Tent

Tents and hammocks designs have been upgrading year after year, with each manufacturer trying to outdo the other. Tent styles and sizes have increased considerably, and campers are now spoilt for choice on a very competitive outdoors market. The new improvement in the tent and camping gear technology means that there is an option to suit all types of campers, even the worst kind…
Let us have a quick look at the new trendy designs and tent concepts that will lead the camping industry in 2016.

The Orange solar tent

Kaleidoscope recently teamed up with Orange and designed a tent that will address the on-site power needs of Glastonbury’s (the annual Glastonbury music festival, which draws campers from around the world to celebrate performing arts, the great outdoors, and other worthy causes) campers. The tent combines the camping systems and solar power to provide earth-friendly solutions that allow users to power their phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Kind of expensive for what this is, my advice, buy a good reliable tent from Coleman for example and get yourself a solar panel system…

The Outwell Smart Air and the Vango Airbeam

This tent uses one-go inflation technology to inflate the polyester tent. All a camper needs to do is just plug the supplied pump into a single air input valve and the tent will be fully upright in a matter of seconds! The Vango Airbeam also uses this technology to erect their canvas pneumatic and polyester tents. Nothing really impressive here, just Outwell catching up with Vango.

Mollusc Nano Tent

This tent is molded in the shape of a dome tent. However, it offers incredible features such as the unique side hubs, which allow the exoskeleton frame of the tent to retract back. The tent can switch between different positions in a matter of seconds: the fully enclosed sleeper, the partially open sun shelter, and the fully open barrier wall. A camper can simply wake up, flip the tent and enjoy the sunrise from inside a sleeping bag. The right choice for star gazers!

Tentsile Flite Tree Tent

This tree tent is very affordable and offers a camper a peaceful night. Suspended over the ground, the tent pulls two adults and their camping gear up off the cold, hard ground for a quiet and peaceful night. The tent can be suspended in tree canopies, over water, or on bluff edges! If you fancy the idea of camping among the swaying branches and on air, then this is just the thing for you. The tent can be set up in approximately 10 minutes and used in all four seasons.

Blackout Tents

These tents are perfect for festival goers, ravers, and just about any other camper that wishes to have a lie-in without the morning light distractions. The lights out technology use dark material for the bedroom section of the tent, which reduces the early morning light.

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym

This hammock is a combination of a camping tent, a hammock, and a chair. It has a unique zipperless bottom entry with a rain fly and a bug net. It weighs 2.5lb. It is easy to carry, and the zipperless bottom allows for an easy in and out maneuver.

Eagles Nest Outfitters Single Nest Onelink

This hammock includes a single net hammock, a rain tart, a bug net, suspension straps, and a set of aluminum stakes. The rainfly is waterproof and seam sealed for protection from any weather. This hammock packs up to the size of a softball making it one of the best hammocks to carry with you while you are hiking or backpacking. It includes a stuff sack for easy storage and transport. The whole product weighs 2.4 pounds. Modular, super light, with good quality nylon, highly recommended if sleeping in a hammock is your thing.

What are your thoughts on these new tent or hammock models?

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