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Tips For Making your Camping Tent More Comfortable

how to make your camping tent more comfortable

After working endless hours, you are finally getting a vacation. You’ve decided the best way to unwind and relax is going on a camping trip, tent and all. In order to assure you have a really pleasant time, you must be prepared. There’s nothing worse than getting to your chosen destination and discover you have left needed items behind. You will end up feeling stressed, disappointed and not very comfortable, which was the entire purpose of this trip!

But you could ask: how to make my tent more comfortable?

First off, you need to have a plan. What kind of camping trip are you looking forward to? Are you expecting to bring a lot of comfort items with you or are you planning on roughing it? How many people are going to come along on your trip? If you are feeling a little clueless, let’s see if a few suggestions will clear it up and help you make good choices.

Your Terrain & Your Tent

Before supplying yourself with tents and camping gear, decide where you want to spend your vacation time. Once you know where you will be camping, think about the terrain to ensure it will be comfortable. You don’t want to place your tent and chairs on rocks, unleveled ground or among branches and debris. If you will be located near a body of water, make sure your tent is properly elevated (not too low but not too high). The time of the year are you camping will dictate weather elements that might come into play. If it’s a rainy season, make sure you pitch your shelter so that water will move away from the tent, not into it.

Preparing the Camp Ground Properly

You want your tent to sit on a flat, level surface making sure there are no rocks or ruts. Obviously, you do not want to sleep on rocks or, due to ruts, having water pouring into the tent and your sleeping bag. Be sure to dig gullies around your tent that will divert water away from the tent, should it rain.

Pickup foam floor tiles to line the bottom of the tent. They are very inexpensive, comfortable and can be cut to the chosen size. Foam floor tiles will also insulate you from the cold ground and make it a much more comfortable environment.

The Size of the Tent Matters

If you are the only one that will be going on a camping trip, choose a type of tent that is comfortable for two, it will give you room to stretch out and be comfortable. On the other hand, if you have family or friends joining you, choosing a big enough tent is going to be imperative. By rule of thumb, if you have a total of 4 people, get a tent that will hold 8 people. Tents are pretty closed in and everyone should have enough room so not to bump into or trip over each other. You have quite a few people going with you, consider getting more than one tent if it seems to be the better option.

Bedding Supplies

There is nothing more miserable than not being able to have a good night’s sleep. Choosing comfortable and practical bedding is very important. Don’t be so cheap as to get poor quality materials and sleeping on a cold hard ground. Make sure you have plenty of blankets, pillows and/or top quality sleeping bags. Consider inflatable mattresses, even if you are using a sleeping bag, it will make your sleep cozy and comfortable.

Purchase a double sleeping bag and place it on a queen-sized air mattress. Use a fitted flannel sheet and top sheet. You might want to include a duvet to cover the sheets because they are easily washable once you return home.

Once you’ve picked up an air mattress, make sure to purchase an air pump. The last thing you want is spending your time manually blowing air into a mattress at 3 am in the morning!

You might consider getting mats that are self-inflating and perfect for solo camping. Place two side by side and cover them with a fitted flannel sheet. It will give you a good amount of room and prevent you from rolling onto the ground.

Bring a comfortable, real pillow – not a rolled up sweatshirt or one of those airline things. Comfortable sleep needs a comfortable pillow! Make sure you get a large enough pillowcase so both ends of the pillow are protected from dirt.

Kitchen Supplies

Unless you plan to live on beef jerky, you must have kitchen supplies in order to cook. Today’s market offers state of the art camping stoves that work as well as if you were at home. Get a camping stove that has multi-burners so you can cook more than one thing at a time. Decide if you will have power and therefore want a stove that can be plugged in at the campsite or will you have to use charcoals. Some people enjoy cooking with charcoal and want their camping experience to include that type of cooking, even if there is power available.

Make sure you bring plates, utensils, paper towels, dish washing soap and a pot to wash your dishes and utensils in. Or, buy paper plates and plastic utensils that can be thrown out. But keep in mind, you still have to wash the pots and pans that you cooked with. Decide if you will be near a store or need to bring your own food. Canned foods and a can opener are two good essentials.

Items for Entertainment

There will come a time, in the course of a day, that staring at the sky just won’t cut it. Bring along some stuff for entertainment. A portable radio, board games, cards, tablets, smart-phones are just a few thoughts (even though I strongly advise against this…). After a day of rock climbing, swimming, fishing or hiking you need to unwind and just relax, having entertainment is just as important as having the right gear for your adventure.

Tent camping is a lot of fun and can be a wonderful experience for everyone or if you just want time alone and away from the crazy world. Camping is a wonderful opportunity for family members to bond through various outdoor activities and get great conversations going as the sun goes down.

Unfortunately, your tent camping adventure is going to be anything but fun if you don’t plan ahead and bring along important items and supplies. Along with these helpful tips, you can start forming your list of things to do, things to purchase and/or pack up.

If you plan ahead and make sure your list is completed, before leaving home, you will have a wonderful outdoor vacation that calls for a lot of fun, rest and relaxation.

If comfortable luxury camping is what you are after, watch this quick video:

If you are a real survivor, you should know how important having the right tent and sleeping bag is.

Tips For Making your Camping Tent More Comfortable
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