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March 22, 2016
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March 29, 2016

Bond With Your Family By Tent Camping

Kids enjoying a camping week end

You are planning a holiday trip, but there are so many options that your head is spinning. You’ve thought about a trip throughout Europe but just can’t make up your mind where. You’ve done that before and want something different!

Possibly you are just not broadening your options and just keep going back to the same old trips. How about considering a camping trip for you and your family? Camping can be a great deal of fun, adventurous and a great opportunity to bond with each other. Here are some great reasons why you might want to go on a camping trip vs. the same old places:

There are Many Options Available

Tent camping can be an amazing experience for everyone. Choose a tent that will fit your family’s needs and go!

Choose the perfect place to setup camp, near a body of water, rugged mountains, a canopy of trees or a wide open sky filled with stars.

Your food choices will vary depending on where you will be setting up camp. Will you be isolated and need to bring your food supplies or will there be a local store near by? Will your campsite have barbecue pits or do you need to bring a camping stove?

Depending on where you are going to pitch your tent, plan out activities for each day. Exploring the wilderness, fishing, swimming, hiking, photographing or just lying on your back and staring at the stars. Do you have a child who loves to horseback ride? See if there are riding facilities near the site. You would be amazed how creative and fun camping can be! If you plan your adventure carefully, you will take home incredible memories.

Escape from Urban & City Life

You work hard each and every day, spending more time at work than with your family. Your children spend most of their time in their rooms glued to their computers, cell phones or tablet games. It’s time to get away from the same old rut, bring the family together and have some really great fun.

It’s time to escape from urban and city life and discover a restful, relaxing, with picturesque surroundings that can change your mind and heart. Leave behind the plugged-in, technological world of laptops, and television along with all the headaches that come with them.

Valuable Experiences at Low Cost

Going on a camping trip can be very inexpensive if planned properly. The most expensive item will be the tent you purchase. Tents come in every shape and size, it all depends on what you and your family need to experience a great and unforgettable adventure.

Choosing your tent is critical to ensure everyone is comfortable and enjoyable. Choose wisely including how many people will be staying in one tent or if will you need two tents.

The cost to stay at a campsite is very inexpensive but look into various sites to choose the one that will work best for all of you. Do you want rugged and open air or a campsite that offers different activities and some comforts?

Will there be a store nearby to purchase food or will you have to bring your own? Bringing your food will be quite inexpensive vs. searching down restaurants or convenient stores. Since you are camping and have a vehicle, you can move from place to place for even more adventures.

Think about it: if you choose to go on holiday tours, you must pay for your lodging, food, transportation and in some cases admission tickets. Camping is very inexpensive and sometimes simple things are the best! You might find a site that is close to an area that offers tours, set up camp and only pay for the tour!

Bonding with Your Family

This is the most popular and valuable reason to go on a camping trip. Family tent camping will give you and your family so many opportunities to engage in great activities and closing the divide that has built up at home. Your whole family will be doing things together, eating great meals cooked over a fire and have great conversations.

Partaking in activities together will only bring you closer together because you are spending more time together. Rediscover your children, realize how much they have grown while you’ve slaved away at work. Discover their growing interests, their dreams and for the first time, you might see them in a new whole light.

There’s Therapy In Nature

Nature has always been a part of our lives, just taken for granted too many times. Mountains, rivers, trees, flowers and creatures are monumental and should be cherished. Nature has the gift of healing you from stress and improving your mental health. You will feel better, more alive and stress-free surrounded by trees, starry skies and majestic mountains.

Nature is something that you should be introducing your children to as well. Life is not all about laptops, television shows or talking on their phones for hours on end. Explore hiking paths or caves, point out birds and animals that are rarely seen in your urban lives. There are so many exciting and wonderful things waiting to be discovered by your family. Possibly you need to be reminded about the marvels of nature as well.

The Flexibility of Camping

If you have a car and a tent, you can roam around the countryside, stay at different campsites and enjoy different cultures and activities. Find a campsite that is near a historical area where you can join tours or discover the area on your own. Maybe a hot air balloon show will be nearby, your kid’s eyes will pop out!


Family tent camping is a wonderful choice for your next holiday or vacation. You and your family will come back home physically and mentally healthier. You will learn new things, discover adventures that only nature can provide. It’s a chance to reconnect, have fun and the memories are priceless!

Make sure you read our ultimate camping checklist  to make sure you and your family are ready for a week end out!

Bond With Your Family By Tent Camping
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