May 23, 2016
tips for camping with your dog

Things You Need to Know if Camping With Dogs

Personally, camping just isn’t the same if I don’t have my four legged furry friend along for the ride. The fact that she is obedient, well trained and has an excellent temperament helps towards a relaxing holiday. However, if your dog or a nearby dog is not well behaved, it leads to a very stressful getaway. Some of my personal experiences with other campers misbehaving dogs include: Urinating on my tent and car tyres Eating […]
May 4, 2016
camping mistakes and how to avoid them

10 Lessons Learned From My Camping Mistakes!

Follow These Good Suggestions & Take The Mistakes Out Of Camping. Camping should be fun and getting back to the simpler things in life. Unfortunately, newbies to camping seem to make mistakes that, if they only knew about, they would never make. The whole idea of camping is to get with family and/or friends, enjoy the great outdoors, sleep under the stars (via a tent) and connect with mother nature. But, if you are new […]
April 25, 2016

The Camping Tent’s History

Tents have been a part of the human fiber for thousands of years. They have served as homes to many people in various areas of the world, have played a huge role in camping activities in modern days and have always offered a place for protection from many environmental elements. Tents have been used in many forms throughout the agricultural world for protecting crops and plants and have housed armies as well as nomadic people. […]
April 22, 2016
Alwasy look at the weather forecast when camping

9 Camping in the Rain Hacks

Anyone who camps knows the weather can change in a heartbeat, bringing in rain showers. It is most common during the spring and summer months, and you should be prepared for it. If you are not ready and equipped for bad weather, your camping trip could turn into a complete nightmare. Soaked clothing, destroyed electronic devices and possible hypothermia. Rain really should not spoil your trip if you are prepared with the right gear and […]