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I am passionate about camping gear and everything related to the outdoors, camping and extreme sports.




About the Author Mark Jonson.

Hi there,


My name is Mark, husband to a loving wife and father of 2. My passion for Kayaking (I am a Kayak instructor here in Mark JonsonOhio) helped me develop an interest for everything “outdoors” related since a young age. I love kayaking (obviously), hiking, trekking and as result spend probably more time in camp sites than home (sorry wife…).

As I have a broad experience using camping tents, I thought it could be a good idea to write about it and share my experience with my fellow campers. I am always looking for feedbacks from my friends, relatives, from readers and pretty much anywhere I can find info. This way, I can manage to write truly honest and no nonsense reviews.

Wonder what the best camping tent on the market is right now or how much you would need to spend for a quality tent?  I can help you by showing you which products are worth purchasing and spending your hard earned money on.  I am also always available and should be able to answer any questions you may have as you look through the review site.


4 Things I look for when shopping for a tent:

  • Good ventilation. Crucial I am a beast guys.
  • Weather-proof (Yes I live in Ohio…).
  • Easy to setup (I am a lazy one).
  • Quality of the materials. Not looking for a product that won’t make it till the next season. I guess you too?


My eldest son during a week end on the lake Erie near Sandusky

My eldest son Jake during a week end on the lake Erie near Sandusky

My focus is on backpacking and family tents as there are not much resources on the topic out there. I am highly experienced with leading brands such as Coleman Tents, Ozark Trail and MSR.

As accommodation plays a big part in a successful camp, I also have a keen interest in camping accessories such as outdoor camping chairs and tables, portable BBQs for outdoor dining experiences and much more. A really outdoor gear addict.

I only test, review and present my readers with items made by trusted companies such as Coleman and will never recommend a product that does not suit my (crazy) quality standards. The goal here is to really help you speed up your decision making process. I will keep reviewing new products as they come onto the camping market, so please make sure you check back in periodically.


My goal and main challenge is to promote outdoor activities and make sure you take pleasure in an active outdoor way of life using the best products available on the market.

Me relaxing by the Turkeyfoot Lake

Me relaxing by the Turkeyfoot Lake OH, a few years ago already hehe

“Be one with the Outdoors” is my slogan – I like outdoor living, getting individuals outside to share outdoor experiences with each other, traveling to unknown destinations, and living an active outdoor way of life.

Some of life’s biggest moments and memories happen by opportunity, and I like to believe I am promoting the ultimate lifestyle option to create magical memories to last a lifetime.

The active lifestyle I promote is not just for the travelers. For example – Going for a walk in the park, having a dinner in your yard, taking youngsters to the beach or hitting the road with a camper trailer or a tent. An active way of life can mean all these things, and I have the tools and technical knowledge to find the best ways to assist you.


My motto “Be one with the Outdoors” means the following to me:

– I do not require any power/electricity when backpacking.

– I do not pollute nor contaminate the atmosphere.

– I never harm animals nor flora.


I simply respect mother nature.

Main benefits I expect from camping and being outdoors:

– I attempt to get as active as I can.

– Boost my knowledge with new experiences.

– I get self-confidence from it.

– It brings me happiness.

– It is a good way to develop friendships.

– This keep me relax and unwind.


Trying, testing brand-new things is what motivates me.


Need extra assistance?

If you are not exactly sure what type of camping gear or tent would match your requirements, please do not hesitate to email and ask me – I am constantly delighted to assist my readers.

Head over to the contact form and drop me a line.

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