March 31, 2016
Sleeping in a clean tent is such a blessing when camping

How To Properly Clean & Care for Your Tent

Camping is a great deal of fun and is a very popular outdoor activity for millions of people. Your tent is the most important part of your trip to ensure you have a great time. They will protect you from the elements and allow you a good night’s rest. Tents can last a very long time if properly maintained and taken care of. Before setting off on your first camping trip of the season, you […]
March 29, 2016

Protect Your Tent With Waterproofing

Camping tents will protect you from many natural elements including rain if they are properly taken care of and waterproofed. Applying a water repellent will ensure a good night’s sleep instead of waking up to a soaked bedroll and muddy ground. Leaks are miserable and not necessary if you take action to waterproof first. Here are some steps you can take to waterproof your camping tent. If you have spent the day discovering new trails, […]
March 25, 2016
Kids enjoying a camping week end

Bond With Your Family By Tent Camping

You are planning a holiday trip, but there are so many options that your head is spinning. You’ve thought about a trip throughout Europe but just can’t make up your mind where. You’ve done that before and want something different! Possibly you are just not broadening your options and just keep going back to the same old trips. How about considering a camping trip for you and your family? Camping can be a great deal […]
March 22, 2016
how to make your camping tent more comfortable

Tips For Making your Camping Tent More Comfortable

After working endless hours, you are finally getting a vacation. You’ve decided the best way to unwind and relax is going on a camping trip, tent and all. In order to assure you have a really pleasant time, you must be prepared. There’s nothing worse than getting to your chosen destination and discover you have left needed items behind. You will end up feeling stressed, disappointed and not very comfortable, which was the entire purpose […]